A short story of corn and shit in the global economy and how Charles Hoskinson is scamming Ethiopia.

Part 1 of 3 : The Spectacle of Satoshi

Bitcoin has shaken the world. Its recent price-action has reflected a growing confidence in its decentralized and immutable record-keeping. A 13-year experiment has turned into an underlying asset to usurp gold, silver, and fiat currencies that have gone, for lack of a better word, “brrrr”.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown creator, has catapulted into hearts and memes. At first, gradually, with a dedicated clan of cypherpunks and “HODLers”. But now, suddenly, with investment banks, well-capitalized exchanges, publicly traded S&P 500-indexed companies, and sovereign…

Kal Kassa

🇪🇹🇺🇸 Bitcoin for Ethiopia

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